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The Circus Girl

My Wacky Life Off And On The Road

1 April 1986
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I lived twelve years of my life in the circus with my family. My father was the ringmaster, my mother was book keeper and my sister was an arielist and showgirl. I was a little differnt. I was usually in the circus version of retail. I sold tickets for rides, admission, sold toys and food. But I did some things that was expecting of a circus kid. I rode elephants, assisted with my fathers magic act and trained leopards.

Now I don't live on the circus, i'm a townie. But my family and I still perform a magic tour every year.

Besides that I sing, and write my own stories. I'm can become easily obsessed about something and my obsessions change freqeuntly, but their mostly harmless. The only thing that I do is learn way too much about whatever i'm obsessed about. I work at a movie store when i'm not performing and can qoute so many tv shows and movies that you know exactly how I got my job.

Other then that i'm pretty normal.........well as normal as I can get.