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Apr. 18th, 2007

Disney Wedding

Well Disney thought about how a lot of grown up woman still love the Disney Princesses. So they went ahead and hired designer Kristie Kelly to create an array of wedding dress's based off the famous Disney Wedding scenes. So far they have Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Belle. They don't look like the dress's from the movies except for Belle's, but they are all beautiful. Disney also made sure that the dress's were affordable. They start at about 1,000-2,000 dollars and then go up to about 15,000. I think this was a great idea but I was only dissapointed by the lack of color, the dress's only go through various shades of white, ivory and very light gold.

Go ahead and be your own judge though.


Apr. 10th, 2007

Firefly/Serenity Fanfiction : Never Goes Right

This is my first Firefly/ Serenity fanfiction so be nice. Takes place two years after Serenity the movie, with Mal and River already in an established relationship. Hope you all like it and I want some real critisism, so please feel free to comment truthfully.

Never Goes RightCollapse )

Mar. 16th, 2007

So, job choices............

I have at least picked up two job applications, have one more in mind and am going to visit a few other places myself tomorrow. So here is what I have so far on my, I will do that list.

Going in order as the ideas came to me:

1. Half Price Bookstores ( I know how to do this job and the dress code allows me to wear my chucks, not a bad thing at all and the discount supposedly rocks. But I'm a bit burnt out on the whole bookseller thing so maybe I'll try that job again later. You never know, especially with my life.)

2. Hobby Lobby ( Since I've gotten a bit crafty, and I mean the glue and glitter kind of crafty, this isn't a bad place to work. And since the normal staff at those stores can never find anything or know where it is mom demands that I work there. It would save me an ass load of money on party projects too. But it's still scary retail.)

3. TJ Max ( Same pros and cons of the one above.)

4. Horse Ranch ( Convenient for many reasons. Since I live outside of Dallas and a god awful distance from everything there is enough horse ranches in walking distance of my house that I could throw a stone, realistically I could use a catapult and hit them. On the circus I was used to getting up at six in the morning to do the customary mucking out of pony stalls and cleaning hooves. This is something I know how to do and personally I miss working with animals. Added bonus, I get some exercise getting to work and get around paying for car fuel. I also bet they'd understand my taking off at the end of the year to do the tour if I come back.)

Okay, so there is an obvious choice and tomorrow I'll see if I get the dream job. I got the phone book, circling what I want and visiting a few on foot that aren't in the phone book. Like the one behind my house. We'll see what happens.

And hush you Anne, I know that I pull too much from my life. Hopefully I'll predict my own life again like I did with Barnes and Nobles, with a happier ending.

Mar. 13th, 2007

Can I hurt them?

So..........I decided to go with my mother to the social committee meeting because it was for the Alice in Wonderland easter egg hunt. Yeah............they didn't even have an Alice for the party so I volunteered. No one to supervise the children's mad tea party, I volunteered. No one to do any story telling for the party...*sigh* I volunteered. They didn't even know what they were doing. And I, who has been planning my own tea party for a few months now was a bit frustrated.

They wanted to narrow down every activity to fifteen minutes, I told them no. They wanted to build doors because of the theme, they have less then a month and they want to build these. I just told them to take extremely color construction paper and cut out funky doors in all shapes and sizes and tape them to the walls of the pavilion we're using as the main party area.

After that they told me I was to come to every meeting because I'm extremely creative. Next time I come I better get to plan this stuff as well as anyone else. Because they are this screwed up every time. No one likes the events they put together because they all fall apart. I refuse to let it happen this time.

Mar. 10th, 2007

Help Me!

Well, my laptop hasn't booted up for three days now. Not for lack of trying to make it on my part. The only things I've been able to do in the mean time is sneak onto my father's desktop and check livejournal. I have an appointment with the nice folks at the macintosh genius bar tomorrow so all will be well after that......hopefully. Here's to me getting back into active internet zoning soon.

Mar. 9th, 2007


So, normal day yesterday. Nothing unusual except for my sad attempt at making miniture furniture out of sticks, but it's okay, I know when I'm beat. Until my boyfriend calls me from work and says that Gene Wilder is going to do a signing for his new book at one of the local bookstores. And I took the news like any girl who was raised on Gene Wilder, yes, I totally lost my fricking head and started jumping around.

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Feb. 25th, 2007

(no subject)

All right! I used to do animated/movies/tv news reports and broadway reports on my journal. I think it's time to combine all categories in one entry today, and knowing my audience for this journal I picked a good topic. Doctor Who! And yes 'all' apply to the entry today. But since this entry is so huge and full of clips I've taken from YouTube I'll put these in easy to access cuts so you don't have to jog down an entire page to get to what you want to see.

New Doctor WhoCollapse )

Classic DoctorCollapse )

TorchwoodCollapse )

David TennantCollapse )

John BarrowmanCollapse )

Okay, so that's it. Hope you guys had fun and if I find more, I'll put it up.

Feb. 18th, 2007

Yay! I Did It Again!

It's always nice to know that when you did something good the first time it wasn't just a fluke. I created another Mad Hatter/Alice music video. Using bri_chan's photo's this time instead of her artwork. Hope you guys enjoy it. I promise the Quillings music video is my next priority, I'm just trying to collect all the photos.

Feb. 9th, 2007

I'm what?!

So I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago only to find out that I'm slightly farsighted. Which is weird to me cause I thought I never had a problem with reading words up close considering how much I do read you'd think I'd notice. But I was kind of giddy when I found out that I'd be getting glass's to wear when I read or use the computer, again (that's a lot). So they finally come in today, pretty little rounds things with violet frames that my sister dubbed as too small for my head because she thought they were childrens glass's. But they are just smaller frames then hers. I put them on, realize that all the words now look 3D to me and that is how they are supposed to look. I take them off and everything looks blurry, I didn't notice my vision was like that till now. Only problem was I tried to walk up the stairs right after I put them on and almost fell on my face with the visual height difference. So while I celebrate this new, clearer way of reading I'm also learning how to walk all over again. Hurrah!

Other then that, I got the whole sexy librarian thing going on now. Well.........at least I think so,:)

Jan. 24th, 2007

What My Family Does For A Living

Well my father decided to put some of our magic on youtube recently. I feel like a video of the week page now. Lol. So here is Dad and my little sister doing one of the fastest, non cheating styles of the subtrunk. Enjoy.

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