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What Have I Gotten Myself Into

Hello everyone. Doubt anyone's missed me. I'm sure you all think that I've abandoned Livejournal which is as far from the truth as possible. I just haven't actually used my own page in about...(looking at last post on here)...forever. But I plan to use it from now on since I might have a few things to say now that aren't fandom related.

Just started college classes, though I will remember from now on that late registration=7 a.m. classes. So won't be procrastinating next year for want of sleep. Especially since my best friend commenting that seeing the right side of 6 a.m. was a good thing. Let me tell you what it looked like this morning. So foggy that when I stepped out of my door the street lights were all I could see, so it looked more like White Chapel, London then Dallas Texas. Though you could blame that on the bipolar weather we've been enjoying for the last two months since I've been home.

Taking Government 1 and History 2, so I might actually be able to hold an informed conversation with some of my more political friends. Or I might be so informed that I won't have those friends anymore, hopefully not the latter.

To my fandom friends, that means I'll be leaving the imaginary world for most of those three days on top of my work schedule. Whatever god is still paying attention, I hope your kind to a partially dysfuntional procrastinator. But not to have my fandom self outdone or locked in a closet bound in rigging rope and silenced with duct tape. I've got a healthy list of conventions to go to, not excluding a few intriguing nights I'm not gonna miss out on, i.e. Gay Mad Hatter themed bingo night in the gay district. Come on, you thought I'd convert into a 'normal'? Ha!

But that is the long overdue update on my life. I've arrived at college, I'm here! Now where the hell am I headed? o_0


Hi Heather, good luck on the college thing!

And yes, nice to see something from you here again. :-)


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