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Batman Does Not Approve

So, I decided to finally take my twelve year old brother to see Dark Knight at the dollar theater because he's been bugging me about the Joker and he does not understand why he can't see all the things his big sister has been writing...-.-. Though I'm kind of relieved he thought that picture he saw on my screen while I was surfing deviantart was Harvey and the Joker. I think Batman and Joker would have scarred him even more.

So....where was I....oh yeah, seeing Dark Knight at the dollar theater with my little brother. So, only about twenty people in the theater since it was a matinee and both of us giggled and cackled all the way through the film, I was wearing my Joker t-shirt. I was in front on the way out of the theater and stopped dead in my tracks, turned on my heel to the small mass of people behind me and said.

"Batman's outside the theater."

No kidding, the guy was standing all stony like outside the door waiting for us all to walk out with a theater employee nametag that read Batman in full Batman regalia. So I covered my shirt up with my jacket and my brother tells me later that he was shaking he didn't know what to do. The guy not only acted like Batman, he had the rasp. So I fumbled and giggled nervously trying to find the camera on my phone because David wanted a photo with him. I had to drop my jacket to take it and suddenly he said.

"Just so you know, I really don't approve of the shirt."

In all honesty I stared at him like a deer in headlights for about five seconds and then with at least two other nerdy theater employees giggling on hand I started saying.

"I swear, I'm a good girl. I swear!"

David and Batman

Me and Batman

He simply nodded and I grabbed David. Then grinned like the Joker girl I am and said. "Joker rules!" And dragged my brother after me at top speed cackling. I'm not making this up.

So, I called Knives, immediately. Telling her everything and she kept telling me I should have hung all over him and acted like the Joker like a proper fangirl. But I really loved the way he said 'I don't approve'. So I went back to look for him, but he was not in the theater, I was all sad and then I saw him while we were leaving the mall. He was just walking around outside in the dark and I ran up to him, phone in hand.

And quite calmly said. "I'm part of a Batman/Joker community, can you please tell them you don't approve?"

And I think he looked puzzled. "What does the community concern?"

I smiled, I mean grinned like a fool again. "I think it's pretty self explanatory."

And he said this with great gusto just for all of you Batman/Joker fans.


XD Brilliant.
Damn, he really got the voice down! I'm sure he was quite horrified once he understood what the community "concerns." And I had to chuckle at the fact that he was just walking around in the dark.
HAHAHAHA....this is so incredibly awesome! Great Batman costume, I wish I had been there for this. Good for you for bringing up Batman/Joker (and looking lovely in this picture).

Yeah, yeah, Batman. Deny it all you want for the cameras, we know the truth.
That is so much win!! I wish there had been a Batman at my theater when I went to see it. That rasp is perfect!
Big LOL!! That is a marvelous story, great pictures and a swell clip!
I'm afraid I woke up at least one of the neighbours as I laughed so hard.
Heehee, I'm glad to have made such an impression. XD
Saw your link through one of the comms. haha that's wikkkked.


while i read this whole thing, i was giggling psychotically... YOU LUCKY, LUCKY, SON OF A BISCUIT!


omg... i can't believe how he must've felt about what the community concerns... oh dear lord XD
i bit my lip really hard during the video to stop myself from freaking out... and now it's bleeding... but it's k, cause it was totally worth reading/seeing/watching :D!!!

you have amazing levels of win, if it had been me i think i would've started screaming and totally glomped him... :D
LOL! That is so awesome. You are indeed brave! Heh, his rasp is great!
OMG, that voice is perfect! Also, I'm sure Batman really doesn't approve of Batman/Joker - he just can't avoid it happening. ;)

Awesome cosplay. And the name tag is win!
This is so incredibly FTW! You have amazing self control. I've no clue what I would have done in such a situation. But you can be sure it wouldn't have been anything conducive to the development of young minds...if you catch my drift.

Note to self: never let brothers borrow computer, or be in the same room while I'm on the internet. In fact, it's probably best if they keep a distance of about 100 ft. You know, just to be safe.
LOLOLOLOLOL! Best story in a long time XD His voice is fantastic! I would have stopped dead in my tracks too if I saw a Batman standing outside the theater right after watching TDK *G* Although I think I would have been able to be at least in control of myself, like you were. If it had been a Joker? I would have DROPPED DEAD and NEVAR worked up the nerve to do or say anything, haha :D

So awesome that you told him about Batman/Joker ;P
I am blown away by the epic awesome on so many levels of this. <333
That is so awesome! That guy is amazing.
O.m.g. You win SO much.
What a great story! I love that Batman did 'not approve' of your shirt! XD Awesome that you got pictures and video to share! :D Glad you guys had fun.
Oh. My. Gawd. That is the best thing everrrrrrrr.
I love it, my husband and I went to see the dark knight and we dressed up he was the joker and i was harley quinn


:D So incredibly awesome!
If I randomly ran into a Batman somewhere (I hope I do someday, lol) I think I would just HAVE TO speed to the nearest Walmart to get makeup and throw together an impromptu Joker costume, then hurry back and get him to make out with me (and post the pix and/or vids for all my fellow b/j fans, of couse)(although I'm sure Batman wouldn't approve, LOL)... my fangirliness knows no bounds, tee hee :D
Anyway, I know this comment is waaaay after the fact, but I stumbled across this and couln't NOT comment :)
Thanks for sharing--I was LMAO the whole time!
Hahahaha, awesome! Thenk you for sharing. It's nice to hear his voice even if it says "I don't approve" XD (Wchich we know is just denial ;D)