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I'm Being Crafty

So, some people probably wonder about my absence. I have no excuses this time, sorry. I got a new job. Does that count?

Oh well. Like the title entry says, I've been extremely crafty lately and have found the wonderful art of gothic scrapbooking/collaging. Haven't heard of it? Me neither. I made it up because I do not fit into a regurlar collaging or scrapbooking category at this moment.

So I thought I'd let you guys take a look at them. Hope you like them.

All The World's A Stage,And..

Dream Abstract

The Doom Clock

Someone's Watching


Nice to see you in LJ land!

collages are very pretty:)
Popping on over from darkknightfic. I must say my favorite's The Doom Clock. :) >> Mind if I start watching your journal?
*chuckles* Feel free. Beware, I haven't updated it in a while. I may have to start again.