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This makes me happy!!

Which Character Played by Terrence Mann, are YOU???

Frank N Furter- You're Terrence Mann as Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Show!! They wanted you as the original revival frank, bt thought you were too Tim Curry, so they took Tom Hewitt, but once he was out of the picture it was your time to shine!! You're justa sweet transvestite from transsexual transylvania. You love all things taboo and wild. A bit egocentric, and selfish in your pleasure, but not a typical villain, and certianly not a typical good guy. You end up gettign killed by your servant cause of your wanton desires and careless ways, but not before fucking with Brad and Janet (literally!) and delivering the -best- rendition of "I'm Going Home" EVER. You capture people's attention with your talent and free spirit...not to mention your attire.
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